Dynamics 365 Trials gets a Revamp

Trials are the best part of Dynamics ! I actually first make things on a trial before sending it out to the development environment and if you are like me and have a few trial instances then you would notice… trials.dynamics.com now takes you to –


Quick tip you can also use – https://aka.ms/d365trials

The look and feel is different but the essence remains the same, selecting app based trials is picked up from the predecessor but in a new look –

Creating a trial from scratch ( without any work account ) can be done as below –

First enter a gmail/ personal email id –

Doing this would enable a “Click here” button after clicking it you would see –

Enter your Gmail ID ( which works as your work ID here ) and click on next

add the details –

Enter the correct mobile number and get the verification code

After confirming the Verification Code now create the domain address that you would want to use to login.

Now create a user with a password —

After creating a user and Singing up you would find –

Clicking Get Started would take you to the powerplatform admin center –

Notice, the Default instance is created but the trial isn’t, out here you can make a Subscription based trial with the apps of your choice.

What if you want to make a normal trial ??

Head over aka.ms/d365trials and use the onmicrosoft email address that you have just created, this way you can create a new instance with a module ( for example marketing )

The difference between the two orgs can be seen at aka.ms/ppac

I hope this helps 😀

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