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How to Make a Powerapp into a Page ( preview)

PowerApp Pages are finally here !! But is this purely a power app ? Well not really, first lets talk about how not to be a Karan #Don’t_be_a_karan and see what Karan did wrong, then we’ll go to what’s correct and then a way to break the system to make a PowerApp into a page ! ( my Canvas app has something that I am working on which hopefully will come out in the next blogs )

1) #Don’t_be_a_Karan

When I heard of this feature I rushed to the new app designer and searched for my Canvas app, that I was so eager to get into my Model driven app but…. it did not show up.. Later I found out that a page needed to be created separately and I could not use an existing powerapp into my Model driven app…

The difference boils down to the difference between Pages and Power apps, if you look closely you will notice pages are not considered as apps while adding them to a solution, while canvas apps are still considered as apps.

In order to use pages you would need to create a page and not a canvas app.

2) But what if you have an app that needs to be used as a page ?
Well, after a bit of digging around I found something that could by pass this difference between Powerapps and Pages.

Steps to make a powerapp into a page –
1) Add the Canvas app into a solution and export this solution

2) Unzip the downloaded file and open the customizations file Change the property for Canvas App Type originally this will be 0, change it to 2 if you want to make your canvas app into a page.

3) Compress these files into a zip folder after changing the value for canvas app type

4) Import this solution into the environment, If you had downloaded this as a managed solution you will not be able to import this to the source environment ( the environment that the canvas app was created in ) hence you will need to import this into a different environment.

5) After importing, now try to create a new Model Driven app and use the custom pages feature, you will find your app in there !!

But was this app converted into a page ? lets verify that !

Update –
Pages does not allow Screens but using a PowerApps and converting it as a page allows you to achieve this functionality LinkedIn post comments has a gif regarding this –

I hope this helps 😀!


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