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Wave 2 Gives a New Look to Views

Remember the time you needed to add a column to a view but were worried about spoiling the layering of the solutions so ended up using the Advance find to edit columns and create a personal view ?

Well say goodbye to this problem now !! Microsoft has made things so much easier !!

Now you can add column’s on the fly with the column editor !

Clicking on this button gives you a list of fields you would want to add as column’s

These changes are temporary and reverting to the original view is easy too !! Clicking on reset to default does the trick !

The Second amazing feature that will resolve a lot of confusion is the “Default” tag in views, the views dropdown now tell you which view is default !! Let’s compare the old UI to the New UI

Old ( The default view is highlighted )


The stark contrasting differences here are the tag “Default” and “Reset default view” one of the major problems I noticed prior to this was – Personal views could be set as default and users would never figure out why the view which was set as default ( from the customizations page ) wasn’t showing up as default for these users, but now you can fix this confusion up using the reset to default view button !

Last but not the least, my favorite part of this new UI is, the bulk edit experience !!

To activate bulk edit select more than 2 records and click on edit, let us compare the old UI and the new UI



Clearly, selecting a form to bulk edit looks much neater !

I hope this helps 😀!


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