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Trigger a PowerAutomate flow from a BPF Step

When I first heard of this I was curious and created an instant flow and found this as a trigger step, I quickly spun up a flow to use two parameters and went to my BPF to add this in a BPF step but even after waiting for a day I did not see it in there – #Don’t_Be_A_Karan !

MY Flow

My BPF where I did not find my flow 😥

For some reason I was not able to find my flow, but the fix to this is really simple !! and Microsoft has this documented at –


Head over to Make.preview.powerapps and create a solution in the solution section and create a new instant flow like below ( unfortunately you cannot add an existing instant flow but are allowed to create one from scratch ! )

Created the same flow with a different name –

And after saving the flow voila !!

I hope this helps 😀!!


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