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Wave2 Subgrids

2021 Wave 2 update brought in a change in the look and feel of the views in subgrids, the moment I realized that you can drag and rearrange columns in the view of subgrid I wanted this to be permanent irrespective of the resolution of the screen. What I mean is I did not want the subgrid to look like the below subgrid when I zoom into my browser.

The fix to keep the subgird as a subgrid and not make it shrink into a card format is to change the “Read Only Grid ” Properties , read more about this at –

But doing the above gave me the old outdated Subgrid where I was not able to rearrange columns, which meant no more drag and rearrange ability 😭😭😭

Fix // or possible workaround πŸ˜…

The most obvious solution would be to use an Editable subgrid (editable subgrids are not resolution dependent and have the drag and rearrange ability ) but lets say your client is reluctant to use editable subgrids.. well now there is a solution to this !!

Microsoft has now given us a control for “PowerApps Grids (Preview )”

Navigate to your Subgrid in the old designer format and add the above control to the subgrid after selecting the entity you would want to display in this subgrid.

The best part is !! once you add this control to the subgrid, Dynamics allows you to use a template ( for OOB entities ), so now there is no confusion regarding how to use these controls !

Adding the PowerApps Grid (Preview) to a subgrid gives you the FULL SUBGRID irrespective of the Resolution of the screen and the ability to rearrange columns on the fly !!

The Jump bar ( alphabets that are below a subgrid) can be either enabled or disabled using the Jumpbar PCF control that is depicted in the previous screenshot.

And you still have the amazing functionality to drag and re arrange columns

I hope this helps πŸ˜€!!


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