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Wave2 Subgrids

2021 Wave 2 update brought in a change in the look and feel of the views in subgrids, the moment I realized that you can drag and rearrange columns in the view of subgrid I wanted this to be permanent irrespective of the resolution of the screen. What I mean is I did not wantContinue reading “Wave2 Subgrids”


Run D365 WebAPI’s from PostMan Without creating an Azure AD application !

A lot of functionality lies in WebApi’s but if you are like me who shied away by looking at the method then the below article might give you an other way to access a plethora of new features ! So let us start with what Microsoft wants us to use – in order toContinue reading “Run D365 WebAPI’s from PostMan Without creating an Azure AD application !”

Enable App Notifications on Org level rather than App level

This happened by mistake, but a mistake that was really beneficial ! Recently Microsoft reveled a new feature for early access but in order to use this feature you needed to run an API for an APP level The code given by Microsoft was – fetch(window.origin + “/api/data/v9.1/SaveSettingValue()”,{method: “POST”,headers: {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’},body: JSON.stringify({AppUniqueName: “Your app uniqueContinue reading “Enable App Notifications on Org level rather than App level”

Difference Between SetNotification and SetFormNotification

Ever found a form with only a notification and you struggled for hours to find where that field is ? #Dont_be_a_karan In todays short article we will walk through two Javascript Functions that are used to set functions and compare the UI SetFormNotification : This function creates a notification however the limitation is thatContinue reading “Difference Between SetNotification and SetFormNotification”

Trigger a PowerAutomate flow from a BPF Step

When I first heard of this I was curious and created an instant flow and found this as a trigger step, I quickly spun up a flow to use two parameters and went to my BPF to add this in a BPF step but even after waiting for a day I did not see itContinue reading “Trigger a PowerAutomate flow from a BPF Step”

How to Make a Powerapp into a Page ( preview)

PowerApp Pages are finally here !! But is this purely a power app ? Well not really, first lets talk about how not to be a Karan #Don’t_be_a_karan and see what Karan did wrong, then we’ll go to what’s correct and then a way to break the system to make a PowerApp into a pageContinue reading “How to Make a Powerapp into a Page ( preview)”

Set Auto Numbering Values to a number of your choice !

The out of the box auto numbering values for cases, orders or invoices etc, start with a number 1000 but what if you wanted it to start from 0. Well this is possible !! I will talk about the solution first and then talk about a deprecated field that Microsoft has left in the organizationContinue reading “Set Auto Numbering Values to a number of your choice !”

Dynamics 365 Trials gets a Revamp

Trials are the best part of Dynamics ! I actually first make things on a trial before sending it out to the development environment and if you are like me and have a few trial instances then you would notice… now takes you to – Quick tip you can also use – reading “Dynamics 365 Trials gets a Revamp”