Set Auto Numbering Values to a number of your choice !

The out of the box auto numbering values for cases, orders or invoices etc, start with a number 1000 but what if you wanted it to start from 0.

Well this is possible !! I will talk about the solution first and then talk about a deprecated field that Microsoft has left in the organization entity ( table ) –

The fastest way to change these the Auto-Number value from the default value to something like the above screenshot is by using the SetAutoNumberSeed Action – MSDocumentation

To illustrate the above I have attached a screenshot below body content –

The Value is the starting value you want these Out of the box autonumbered fields to have, the Attribute name is the name of the autonumbered filed and entity name is the entity that has the field.

To call this action you would need to add the standard headers in the API call. However if you want an easier way you can call this action via PowerAutomate

Now coming to the confusion caused by the Organization entity, well the organization entity is one of my favorite entities and I will write about this entity in a different post but if you look at the below screenshot it says the currentKbNumber is 3000, this was edited by using a Patch API call to the system however it did not impact the System #Don’t_Be_A_Karan I struggled for hours on this to finally stumble on this article , where it mentions this field is now deprecated, hence any change made to this would not be of any use….

I hope this helps 😀!

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